Announcement: Travelogue
Films by Bill Brown and a video installation by Bia Gayotto
May 22 at 7:00pm

Hosted at g727, 727 S. Spring St. in downtown LA
All welcome, $mall donation, popcorn and beer…

Bill Brown

Confederation Park (1999), The Other Side (2006), Mountain State (2003)
Bill Brown is a “nomadic” filmmaker, photographer, and author from Lubbock, Texas. He has produced films on the United States–Mexico border, North Dakota missile silos, the Trans-Canada Highway, among other places. The films have been exhibited at numerous film festivals and museums, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He describes his films as postcards with a pretty picture but instead of words on the back, his films are narrated with voiceover.

Bia Gayotto
Xing LA: From Altadena to Long Beach (2008)

Xing LA is an investigation of the mobile space of the commute, exploring three parallel routes by foot, by train, and by car. From “footslogging” to modern modes of transportation, the travelogue provides a portrait of Los Angeles, examining how the route and the experience of the route change depending on the mode of travel.